“Neapolitans look like a square or rectangular pieces of chocolate, individually wrapped. Neapolitans are also frequently made for promotional purposes for hotels, coffee shops (to serve with a cup of coffee, for example) to either promote a particular brand or to give away as a premium. Wrapped Neapolitans are also sold in boxed assortments. Of the small tablets of assorted flavors of chocolate, they were particularly popular around seasonal festival. (Source: Wikipedia)”

Earl Grey Tea Dark
English flavor tea blending with cocoa. Best choose for your afternoon treat.
Extra Noir 88%
Great balance of cocoa and nature flavor. Most health one and bitter acceptance.
Ginger Chocolate Dark
Balance of East & West nature.
Honey Caramel Milk
Unique and unforgettable. Prefect match with your afternoon tea.
Hazelnut Milk
Hazelnut you can really taste inside.
Pure Milk
Nothing else, just enjoy.
Lavender Dark
Make your whole body and mind release.
72% Dark
Calmness and Ardour, you find it inside.